AC/DC- Thunderstruck -Officia-l Music -Video

AC/DC Thunderstruck (Official Music Video)
Album: The Razors Edge
Released :1990
Recorded: January: 1990
Writer(s) Angus Young, Malcolm Young

Producer: Bruce Fairbairn


AC/DC  Thunderstruck

“Thunderstruck” is the first song on the 1990 AC/DC album The Razors Edge.

The song peaked at No. 5 on U.S. the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. It was released as a single in GermanyAustralia, andJapan. The song is said to be inspired by lead guitarist Angus Young‘s hair-raising experience when a plane he was on was struck bylightning. Another theory states that the song was conceived when the band watched a Combined Arms Livefire EXercise (CALFEX) at Ft. Hood. The band was so impressed by the M1A1 tank that they wrote a song about it. However, Angus Young stated in the liner notes of the 2003 re-release of The Razors Edge.