Tattoo Blunders These People Are Stuck With



Here, kitty kitty
Tigers can be scary due to their size, their strength, their teeth and their fierce eyes, but this specific tiger is scary for another reason altogether. This was clearly a tribute to the most magnificent, noble animal in nature, gone horribly wrong.





Harry Potter Joined The Beatles




When it comes to painful lessons, it really can’t get any better than this tattoo. Regarding the first one, well, there’s not a lot to be said. The message might have been more convincing if it was spelled correctly. At least he could cover this mistake rather easily, by putting on a shirt.




It’s My Life – Jon Bon Jovi 🙂



Is That The Pink Panther Or The cheetos cheetah?





Angelina Jolie



No ‘regerts’ on this one!




“I want a portrait of my baby, but can you make him look more like a California Raisin? That would be great, thanks.”

If God had ‘judged’ it on time, the disaster wouldn’t have happened.

His cards definitely ‘dealt’ to his favor, but spellings did not.