Most Embarrassing Cheerleader Photos Ever Taken






Too Much Spirit

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Having a ton of school (or team) spirit is essential for any cheerleader who hopes to get the crowd on their feet. That being said, it could be possible to have too much spirit. If such a thing is indeed possible, then the gentleman pictured here might be a perfect example.











There is supposedly an unwritten rule in cheerleading which states, if you throw someone in the air, be sure to catch them. Unfortunately, that isn’t how it went down on this particular occasion.






The Struggle Is Real


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 Having to lift your fellow squad members requires a great deal of physical strength.  That being said, the guy in this photo appears to have his work cut out for him.

The Split


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This guy looks way too excited to have someone sitting on his head. Even the girl on the right seemed to notice the goofy expression on his face.






Epic Fall


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This incident looks like it was painful for more than a few of the participants involved. A cheer-pyramid gone wrong in not a pretty sight as we can see from this image.






Strange Moves


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It almost looks as if the male cheerleader is getting ready to catapult the girl on his back across the room.

Falling Down




This photograph seems to capture the very moment when this cheerleader realizes that the jump isn’t going to end well.






So.. Much.. Teeth




That is one man you definitely don’t want to square off against in a cheer-off. That guy looks as though he is ready to quite literally devour his opponent.






Tongue Out




This girl has impressive abs, but her cheer face definitely needs a little work.It’s fair to assume that closing one eye and sticking out your tongue is not a standard part of the routine.

Get Out Of The Way




This Dallas Cowboys cheerleader looks way too surprised in this photo. You would have to think she knows, that by standing next to the sidelines, that there is a good chance this sort of thing could happen.






A Leg Up




There are several downsides to wearing white pants when performing in front of a large audience; this is definitely one of them.






Scary Spirit




Coming up with the perfect cheer face can be more of an art than a science. Despite what looks to be a solid effort, this young lady hasn’t found the perfect cheer face just yet.

Just.. Gross




This picture doesn’t even really need a caption; the expression on the girl’s faces really say it all. Unfortunately, in any sport, accidents happen, but it’s even worse when someone happens to take a picture of it. It’s hard to say who felt worse after this pic, the girl in the air or the unfortunate folks below her.






Great View!




 The female cheerleader looks ready to fall to the ground, as the gentlemen holding her appears to be conducting a thorough uniform inspection.






So Many Unflattering Faces.


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More often than not, cheerleaders can be seen smiling on the sidelines. However, in this particular photo, we can see a variety of different facial expressions. In fact, a couple of the ladies even have their eyes completely closed. There is also a girl sticking her tongue out. That being said, the girl in the middle definitely wins the prize for the best face in this shot.