Bride Faints , Vomits and Gets Pooped on During Wedding Ceremony



This unfortunate bride had a far too serious trial run of in sickness and in health. We’ve all heard our fair share of wedding terrible stories, but this one has to be the most epic.

Hollee Lynnea-Kolenda Darnell, 22, of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and her husband, Jackson, recently married in an outdoor ceremony in Florida.

The day started out well, but things quickly went downhill when she became ill and passed out when the preacher was reading their vows.

She recorded the scene and uploaded it to TikTok, where it instantly went viral, garnering over three million views in only a few days.



Darnell can be seen gripping her groom Jackson’s hands tightly as the two of them start to exchange vows in a chaotic TikTok clip that has racked up over 3.7 million views since it was first uploaded on Tuesday.

“I kept trying to tell my husband I didn’t feel good and he thought I was joking,” Darnell, 23, captioned the clip. “My baby nephew then pooped on my dress right after while I was puking.”

“Are you OK?” Jackson asked after he and the pastor caught Darnell’s fall and began fanning her face.


She shook her head ‘no’, then stumbled over to the railing of the gazebo, where she began heaving.

Despite the fact that the camera mercifully pans away from the barfing bride, she can be heard barfing in the background as wedding guests and the officiant try to save face by nervously conversing among themselves, blaming Darnell’s sudden episode of illness on the humidity.

In another video, Hollee explained that she was ‘really dehydrated’ because she hadn’t drank or eaten enough during the day.

‘It was also Florida, and it was so hot and humid that day,’ she added. ‘We were drenched, it was so hot.’


‘I’m also prone to passing out, my doctor says I have low blood pressure and low iron. I guess I was just doomed from the start.

‘I wasn’t throwing up too much just because there wasn’t anything in my stomach so it wasn’t like the nasty, nasty throw up.


“After I passed out … My sister had a fan on my baby nephew, so she came over to me to put that fan on me, and as she was holding my nephew he starts pooping,” she said. “And the poop goes down her arm and onto my dress.”

After miraculously getting her wedding gown dry-cleaned overnight, the two newlyweds boarded a plane and spent the rest of their honeymoon in New York, where they even managed to get some wedding photos taken on the Brooklyn Bridge.

“Now I have a story to tell at my nephew’s wedding someday,” the notoriously nauseous newlywed said, smiling.




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