Funny Messages Left on Windshields of Terrible Parkers

Anger? Got it. Chalk? Got it. Time and energy to passive aggressively outline a new space? OUTTA MY WAY PEOPLE.

You know what? This is actually pretty well deserved. What’s up with hogging two parking spaces? Guys, you need to stop doing this, you’re ruining the parking lot for everyone, and really, having this publicly pointed out seems pretty fair to us. The only problem? we’d be scared the parker would find us in the middle of the act!






We’re not quite sure what this guy was thinking, as the shaving cream covering the windshield of this car, making it quite impossible for the rude driver to move it, making that they’ll keep parking there.

Well, let’s hope that the driver figures it out.

We hope the driver found a good way to remove the cream. We would recommend a lot of water and NOT DOING THIS EVER AGAIN.






There are people so angry out there that they will resort to wasting a perfectly good jar of innocent peanut butter. Disgusting behavior which should result in jail time.

They make a good point that this is an easier and cheaper way for them to get revenge, but then they kind of defeat the point by trying to seem all friendly afterwards.

Dude, you just peanut buttered this guy’s car. Don’t think they are going to be asking you any favors any time soon.





We like this one. It’s a concise, polite, and eco-friendly reminder to someone who, as far as we know, is just bad at parking and might not know it, right?

The politeness, coupled with the snow, leads us to speculate that this was probably done in Minnesota—the snowy land of ten thousand lakes and infinite politeness, passive aggression and hearty midwestern food—what’s not to love?






Okay, so this isn’t a bad parker, per se, but it’s still pretty bad.

Generally speaking, we’re not angry people—but keeping us up every night with a car alarm that repeatedly goes off would probably bring out the worst in us, and we, in turn, would probably focus our efforts on making your life a living hell.

Just like this person who wrote one of the harshest notes on our list. We can forgive them though, for obvious reasons.





This card is not just useful—it’s also very pretty. But then again, we honestly think owning a stack of these says more about you than any bad parking job says anything about anyone else.

This isn’t simply getting annoyed at a specific, outrageously bad parking—this is actively seeking out badly parked cars, and investing real money in telling them off. Hey, it’s good to have a hobby!






Ok, we all hate when someone else parks in our spot. It’s actually wrong and a thing you should never do. However, it seems the creator of this note got some inspiration from this mishap, which is never a bad thing.

The Office Space references are strong with this one. But why would they assume the person they left the note for would recognize the reference, too? We’re slightly suspicious of this one—we wouldn’t be surprised if the person who left this note was the person who took this photo and uploaded it, too!




Another shoveled space grabber! SHAME!!!

Guys, you really need to stop doing this—shoveling snow is really hard, and taking someone else’s hard-earned parking space is a really lousy thing to do.

The only reason we could think of for someone to do this is if the bad parker comes from an area where it doesn’t snow in winter, and just isn’t aware of the effort involved in clearing out a snowed-over spot.






Oooh… chilling! We have to say we are happy not to be on the receiving end of this note.

It’s never nice to have someone angry at you, but when they are actively threatening you in great, horrifying detail, it might be time to find a new spot.

There’s no doubt about it, this is definitely a threat. A fair threat by a very industrious, vindictive, but fair person.

We like the smiley at the end, too—nothing like passive aggression!



Quite possibly the most British angry windshield letter ever written—the only things missing here are an addition saying “Toodle-pip, foff-foff, what frightfully dreadful parking!” and a little bowler hat and walking cane pasted on the side of the note.

We imagine the person who wrote this angrily ambling down the street, twirling his mustache and furiously sipping tea, tossing scones and crumpets every which way.






You got lucky this time, pal. Just better hope your alarm doesn’t wake the writer of this note up, because then you’d really be in deep trouble.

We always like it when strangers take the time to not only criticize us, but also to share a little something about themselves and the way they’re feeling, what’s going on in their life and other interesting tidbits. Thank you! This was delightful.





What’s more ridiculous: Getting mad, going to your house, making a chart, and returning to post it, or having prepared charts for all kinds of parking situations?

We give props to this person though. They didn’t just leave an angry, passive aggressive note like the rest of them, they decided to take a different approach and give the terrible parker a lesson. Maybe they just the class about parking. We hope they’ll learn and never do it again.





Ha! Hit ‘em where it hurts—the ego! Clever and not too mean. Love it.

We have to say, though, knowing many three-year-olds, they’re not the best at staying in between the lines. We mean, they tend to take quite the artistic freedom when coloring. So, it may be that this isn’t the best example.

However, practicing coloring this cute turtle cannot hurt, we guess.

If we were them, we’d be happy we chose to park badly that day as we got a fun little activity to do.




We think this “have a great day” message may not necessarily be entirely sincere, but we’re having trouble placing our finger on exactly what it is about it that makes it seem that way.

But what?

It starts with a nice, polite “Thank you” and ends with a “have a great day”…

We don’t know. Something about it just isn’t right—but maybe it’s just us.





It’s a shame this card is so aggressive. Other than its content, it’s pretty clean, crisp, and bright.

We gotta ask, though, who are all of these people with ready-made bad parking cards all printed out and waiting to be pinned on unsuspecting cars? How often do they post these notes, and why have they decided to spend time and money on making them?

We find this truly baffling.






Hey, if you’re going to make the effort to educate someone, you may as well go the whole hog and teach them whatever you might think they’re missing in their life knowledge.

What a great kindness here—we really appreciate this person taking the time to teach this driver how to avoid parking in driveways, as well as how to shower. Honestly, it’s pretty fair to assume that if they don’t know how not to block a driveway, they’d need help bathing, too.






Let’s be honest, no statements have ever started with “no offense but” without being offensive—but there’s something almost endearing about this note’s frank honesty. Sure, it’s a little cheeky, but it’s sincere and kind of cute!

We just hope the van doesn’t belong to an axe murderer… or at least, if it does, that it’s a nice axe murderer.






Ooh look, a bunn.. IT’S A TRAP.

What can we say? It’s true. This guy totally double parked, and that really, really sucks.

But, again, what is it with printed out angry parking notes? Are people constantly keeping their rage bottled up and channeling it towards creative exploits like printing out pictures of bunnies with mean text?

We sometimes feel like we lack some sort of deep understanding of humanity.






We like how clearly this one lays out the consequences of this inconsiderate driver’s choice to park so annoyingly. Did they want to write this note? Do they enjoy being passive aggressive? Do they like it when their rage blocks their capacity to articulate properly?

Clearly not. You drove them to this, bad parker. Feel shame.

On the other hand, when they doubt their grammar and still post these notes, they give us internet dwellers something to ooh and ahh over so… maybe it’s for the best?



Lol! We can so imagine the writer penning this artful takedown. It’s almost poetic in its delicate scorn.

We can imagine this being written by an Oscar Wilde type character, in a dapper suit, perhaps smoking a cigar as he writes down this scathing message.

Saying that, it’s not actually as insulting as some of the others on this list. It gets its point across, but it still manages to stay classy.

It’s a good rule of thumb of how to insult someone without getting too personal or serious. Top marks from us.






We LOVE this one! Nothing like a bit of passive aggressive sarcasm to get your point across—especially in the world of road rage.

When in a fit of the famous automobile anger, it’s pretty hard to keep your cool—anything other than smashing the windows in with a hammer and writing “AAAAARGH” can be considered quite an achievement, to be honest.

But that’s why we love this one—it’s clever and funny. And so detailed—you just know the writer of this note has been silently seething over it for a while now.






We don’t quite understand this one. If this incident has only just happened, and the police are on their way, doesn’t that mean that the driver is still there at the scene of the crime?

If he were to come back later and find this note, wouldn’t the police have already been and gone?

This suggests to us that the writer of the note simply came over and handed it to the driver in person, instead of speaking out loud. That’s not so much funny as super weird.



Aww! What a cute, albeit passive-aggressive way to point out someone’s shoddy and selfish parking. It’s as if the writer of this note couldn’t quite bring themselves to be actually mean or angry, but then they also couldn’t help a few jibes along the way.

If you want to soften your road or parking rage, it’s always a good idea to get a popular children’s book character to do it for you. This way they’ll know you’re still a good person, and obviously well-read, too.






You know what they say: the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And so it would follow: the way to a bad driver’s conscience is through leaving random slices of bread on his windshield.

This is a risky one, as it could also backfire—if this bad driver really likes bread, he might see it as a reward and keep parking here.

However, we know we always think more seriously about our actions when we are given some kind of snack or meal along with our admonishment. Food for thought, or something.






Ew! We are not sure if this counts as bad driving, or just bad neighborliness in general, or something perhaps a little more sinister.

Is there something wrong with this person’s car? Why is it leaking the smell of gasoline? That’s not normal, right?

We find it kind of odd that this helpful neighbor is more worried about the smell, than any potential danger arising from the leaking car.











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