Hilarious Poorly Spaced Lettering Fails


1. Computer specialists you say …


2. Some detailed instructions…

3. I hope at least the kids have a say in this …


4. Sounds like this website might be NSFW.


5. Hmmmm… I think I see a recurring theme here ….

6. I don’t give a Mega F@#K!

7. It is always good to be prepared.


8. A little space can make all the difference, even for a common word.


9. If you are on a budget for low quality Ake

10. What a sweet birthday message ….


11. I have a feeling people named Clint encounter this quite a bit.

12. Not sure I want to mess with these lights.


13. No idea what the intended store name is but probably not what I am seeing.

14. OK, I don’t think changing any spacing here would make a difference.


15. Now open for business!


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