Tattoo Blunders These People Are Stuck With

Tattoo Blunders These People Are Stuck With




Here’s Hoping This Worked









Here, kitty kitty
Tigers can be scary due to their size, their strength, their teeth and their fierce eyes, but this specific tiger is scary for another reason altogether. This was clearly a tribute to the most magnificent, noble animal in nature, gone horribly wrong.





With these kind of tattoos, a sense of proportion is key, since it can make or break a design by making it look realistic, or well, like a one-dimensional, stretched-out tiger. After choosing your ideal design, the second most important thing about getting a tattoo is choosing the right artist, if this photo teaches us anything.

I want a portrait of my baby, but can you make him look more like a California Raisin? That would be great, thanks







We can’t tell the difference
It’s not uncommon to make a tribute to a beloved one by having their portrait permanently inked on your body; people usually ink either a close relative or a model of inspiration, whether it is a soccer player, a movie star or any other inspirational character.









Harry Potter Joined The Beatles



When it comes to painful lessons, it really can’t get any better than this tattoo. Regarding the first one, well, there’s not a lot to be said. The message might have been more convincing if it was spelled correctly. At least he could cover this mistake rather easily, by putting on a shirt.









Only What?









It’s My Life – Jon Bon Jovi :)



Is That The Pink Panther Or The cheetos cheetah?








This Is Worse Than Mufasa’s Actual Death








Looks like tattoo artist capability was capped at 2D.














The horror that is this baby.



Angelina Jolie








Is That A Nose?








No ‘regerts’ on this one!








I Can Not Live Without You

Maybe Just Use A Pen Next Time








Say Hello To My Little Friend








Jurassic World, simplified version.




The Day The Grammar Died








Was told this just lacks shading.






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Innocent Pictures that Prove you have a Dirty Mind

Innocent Pictures that Prove you have a Dirty Mind


Although we don’t have dirty mind, but it’s that circumstances take us there. People love taking their photos, upload them on social media to share them with their friends. People need to learn that before sharing they have to study their photos to ensure they are getting the result they wanted. Otherwise, a leg, arm or the angle the image was taken will take a whole different meaning.

These are the perfectly (or imperfectly) timed innocent photos that makes us feel like we have a dirty mind.











#2 toadstools





#3  pirate wine holder


pirate wine holder







p ennis




#5 news conference

news conference



#6  Baby foot


Baby Foot








# 7 happier hour

happier hour
















girls at bar






#11 Statue family



statue family








Baby Feet











Bicycle Seat







































Looks Painful

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