Hidden Mature Scenes in Kids Movies

Hidden Mature Scenes in Kids Movies



Yes, while we thought that Disney movies were innocent stories about talking animals, kids just like us, and toys that were way cooler than anything we had in our toybox, the reality of these movies was a little different. It’s only when we watch them back as adults that we realize there were some seriously naughty hidden jokes within these films. Of course, we’re not complaining. These jokes make the movies even juicier.







In Cars 2, the cars make their way past the “Top Down Truckstop.” Although this may seem like an unblemished name for a truck stop, it seems as though the genius minds within the Disney animation studio got a little hot under the collar with this one. Actually, we don’t think there were any collars involved where these convertible waitresses were involved.








During one particular scene, we see Daffy having a little read of a magazine. No, he wasn’t reading Reader’s Duckgest or The Duck Times. He was reading Playduck, and it seems as though Bugs Bunny wasn’t too impressed. Perhaps Daffy should have just kept that one stuffed under his mattress until he was alone.








Of course, this doesn’t mean anything to the youngsters who watch this, but the adults who see these ol’ wings might think a little differently. After all, this isn’t the average response that people have to their friends’ girlfriend. Let’s hope that Woody didn’t find out. Well done, Disney. You made things super awkward.





During one particular scene, Lotso steals Mrs. Potato Head’s lips, and it’s safe to say that Mr. Potato Head isn’t happy.

In fact, he notes that he’s the only one allowed to take his wife’s mouth, and we’re not quite sure what to say about that. While we know that they are adult potatoes who can do what they want with their potato bodies, it’s safe to say that we certainly know a bit more about their relationship now. Not that we really wanted to know, of course.








And while many of them are just normal kids’ bedrooms, this one was a little strange. The picture on the wall seems to show this child’s mommy and uncle in a rather compromising position, and we have a few questions for the both of them. That kid must have seen some things they didn’t want to see.








Although the dad is pretty upset that he missed the baby being delivered, his wife soon reassures her husband, stating that actually making the robot baby is the best part. We bet the Copperbottoms didn’t get much sleep that night, because assembly a robot baby isn’t exactly an easy task. Sometimes it can make those involved work up a serious sweat and leave them a little short of breath.








While we didn’t care too much about what a “Snozberry” was when we were younger, our adult minds wanted an answer to the question once and for all. We found this answer within another Ronald Dahl book by the name of My Uncle Oswald. In fact, Dahl uses this berry to describe something that can only be found on the male body. If you catch our drift.





After all, there’s nothing better than puppy love between two young’uns, right? However, our opinion soon changed. Then we grew up and realized that Alfalfa’s hair stood to attention when their lips touched, and that’s kinda weird considering they are about 10 years old. There’s being a little saucy, and then there’s being just a bit inappropriate.








People didn’t realize was that the original video release of the movie featured a poster with a topless woman on it. It took a whopping 20 years for someone to finally complain about the skin on their screen, and Disney ultimately made the decision to recall the three million copies that had already been sold. We’re sure that there are some people who decided to keep that version, though.








As one of the most famous movie franchises in the world, it seems as though everyone loves The Incredibles. What’s not to love, right? Well, although we love this incredible family and the superpowers that they possess, the jury is still out on whether we love the supers who use x-ray on a daily basis.







The Lion King

You probably ignored these when you were younger, but many adults couldn’t help but notice a few letters that seemed to be hidden within these blinking dots. If you look closely, you might be able to see the letter “S,” the letter “E,” and the letter “X.” We’ll let you put that together.





If you don’t see it, then we’re not going to point them out for you. Just watch the whole movie again and then see them for yourself. Of course, you have to have the right version of the home movie, as Disney changed the footage after its release.








Do you see it? We bet you do. Considering this is a children’s story, it should come as no surprise to learn that parents and fans were a little shocked to see this image on what should have been a wonderful lion king. That’s just what Disney does, though. You probably know that by now.








Hocus Pocus is one of those movies that you can watch over and over again, and while most people watch it when Halloween comes around, that doesn’t mean that you can’t watch it every single day throughout the year as well. However, did you notice the bus driver made a rather uncomfortable joke within this movie?








When one little rugrat makes her way into the world, she’s annoyed at the fact that they cut her umbilical cord. However, it seems as though that’s nothing compared to the dude next to her. This hints towards the idea that they may have cut something more than just an umbilical cord. If you catch our drift.





He probably couldn’t find a tent large enough to fit his whole body on such short notice, yeah? Well, not quite. If you look at where this guy has pitched his tent, you soon realize that things get a little suspicious. It’s just a little convenient, that’s all.








There are others who have spotted a rather seedy joke within its midst. In fact, if you take a look at the hook with some of the most beautiful legs we’ve ever seen, you might realize that Disney was trying to transform one toy into something us. It begins with “hook” and ends with “er.”








Shaggy found a love interest, and the name they chose for her was a little suspect. It could have been a complete coincidence and a complete mistake, but we have a feeling that Disney is too smart for that.





Although we just assume that he’s selling insurance or stationery, the reminders on the wall give us a rather different impression. Especially as he works for One-On-One Hot Line. Let’s just hope that his reminders helped him out, especially when it came to being hot and being naughty.



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Funniest Airport Welcome Signs Ever

Funniest Airport Welcome Signs Ever


It’s an iconic situation which we’ve seen in countless movies: A person lands at an airport. They’ve had a long flight and now they’re finally home. They gingerly step into the arrivals hall, dazed, their legs cramped and backs sore, dragging along their luggage, and scan the hall for a friendly face.

Suddenly, there, their long-missed family stands with a big sign welcoming them back – and their fatigue falls away as they rush to the sign holders, a huge smile on their face…




But some families and friends are just born trolls, and can’t resist the chance to embarrass their loved ones with signs that totally defy all expectations. Click on to read some of the funniest, most cringe inducing signs to ever grace an airport’s arrivals hall.




You were off on a business trip to Latin America, and left your adoring husband behind. He, on his part, liked to joke that you would find a Latin lover on your trip – so when you finally returned home, he decided to take the joke further and assumed you’ve become pregnant from your fictional lover.




Well, even within the framework of this fictional tragedy, he still loves you, and is still committed – and is willing to write a sign to show that and hold it up at the airport for you!


This woman is clearly waiting to meet her military partner – and has chosen to use military lingo to let him know he has a lot of questions to answer to as soon as he gets home.



This is a wonderful way to show that she knows the language of the world he’s been living in, and also a playful way to make him realize that his work is far from over, even though he’s home.




We can generally agree that selfie sticks are pretty obnoxious. They were a cute trend for a while, but today, they’re items to be hidden away and used only in the privacy of one’s room.

So, when Britney found out Simon has a selfie stick secreted away somewhere in the house, it must have been quite a shock.



Not as much as a shock Simon must have experienced when he was publicly shamed by his girlfriend with a twisted sense of humor, though!




Well, it takes all sorts, we guess. And while we’re sure this couple is actually loving and respectful of each other, their little joke of him being her sugar daddy probably confused quite a few people.




It’s a little awkward – especially considering they asked someone to take a photo of them – but ultimately, it’s quite cute.



Kaden sounds like a pretty independent baby, all in all – both able to write a perfectly worded sign and to take care of his mother! No, we’re pretty sure it’s Mommy who wrote it – which doesn’t make it any less adorable.




Whoever Daddy is, he sounds like a pretty lucky man, in a very loving relationship.



Matt may have spent a long time away from home, but he thought he was pretty up to date about family matters. Well, he was in for a pretty big shock when his two brothers greeted him at the airport.

Still, if this was news they’ve been putting off telling him for some reason, there’s no better way to break them than to write them on a huge sign which he’ll see as soon as he lands.





It’s like a band aid – you just have to rip it off!



When this guy’s sister asked him to go pick up her partner from the airport, she probably expected him to be nice, welcoming and accommodating.

What she definitely didn’t expect was for him to try to embarrass her baby’s father with a highly misconstrued sign.

But then again, that’s what you get when you send a brother out to do sister’s job.




Really, though, we guess they’re really good friends – otherwise, this kind of joke wouldn’t really fly, would it?


You’ve made it. You’re finally home after a long, long time on the West Coast, and can’t wait to see your family – when your little brat of a brother greets you holding this sign.

Well, what can we say?

“Go Back 2 Cali Jody, We Hate You” is probably a great reminder in why you left for Cali in the first place!




Seriously though, we think this sign is an indication of true friendship and love between siblings – otherwise, it wouldn’t be funny at all!



You just got off of your long, 12-hour flight. You’re tired and sore, and all you want to do is take a shower and go to sleep.

So when your parents wait for you holding up a huge sign of your face, with the most embarrassing expression imaginable plastered on it, and another sign letting everyone know what your embarrassing pet name is – well, that kind of greeting is probably not high on your priority list.




Oh well – embarrassing parents will be embarrassing parents.


This sign seems pretty suspicious, especially if you don’t know what imodium is.

If you do know what it is, it quickly turns from being suspicious to hilariously embarrassing.




Imodium, you see is a brand of medicine that’s used to treat people with chronic diarrhea. Does Sarah suffer from chronic diarrhea? We doubt it. What she definitely does suffer from, though, is friends or family with a pretty vicious sense of humor.




You know, a lot of elderly couples go on vacation these days – so if you and your siblings happen to find yourselves without your parents at some point, going to the airport and holding up a sign saying you’re looking for new ones might not be a terrible idea.



We’re pretty sure these “orphanz” aren’t really bereft of parents, though. In fact, we’re pretty sure they have amazing parents, if their kids all come to greet them at the airport, even when they’re all clearly past 25.



You’ve just landed and are slowly making your way out of baggage claim. You’ve met a really nice girl on the flight, and you’re chatting with her all the way out to the arrivals hall. You’re just about to exchange numbers when, out of the corner of your eye, you spot your sister holding up a sign.

It is not, you realize, a good sign.

You try to casually walk the other way, avoiding eye contact as you do – but your sister has other plans.




Well, that’s one phone number you’re not getting.


Hey mom – did you enjoy your vacation?

That’s great! Now, we’re here to remind you that you’ve got a lot of work to do now that you’re back home, because basic things like laundry and hygiene are entirely your responsibility.



Okay, that may have been a bit harsh. The sign is pretty whimsical and cute, and the kids’ drawings are actually pretty impressive… unless their dad drew them? We’re pretty sure their dad was the one who added the P.S., at least.


No matter how old you are – when you’re with your parents, you feel like a kid again.




This stalwart son has taken this line of reasoning to its logical end, and decided to wait for his parents in a onesie – and proclaim the cereal deficit from which he apparently suffers. Mom, dad, this boy needs his sugary start to the day – and cereal ain’t going to buy itself. The fact that he’s over 30 and decided to tell you about this in a very public place is entirely beside the point.

Military service demands real sacrifices from the men and women in uniform who protect the nation. One such sacrifice is not being able to be there when your wife goes into labor or to see your baby as soon as he or she is born.




Getting to meet your baby for the first time is likely a highly emotional moment, and sweet little Harper truly does look adorable – and with that big sign explaining the situation to everyone nearby, it must have been a really teary-eyed first meeting between not only father and daughter, but for passers-by as well.




When you’re away and your partner misses you so much, it can be nice to come back to a sign.

But when you get back home to discover your couch is ruined it can be a pretty big bummer, despite the sign.



This thoughtful partner, however, is two steps ahead of us. They made a sign which, we assume, was a really nice gesture to receive – and rolled up in all that sugar was the bitter bit of information about the couch. Smart.


In 1980′s The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader reveals to the young Luke Skywalker that he is his father. The revelation stunned audiences and helped cement Star Wars‘ place in film history. But, as Yoda said, there is another Skywalker – and we’re not talking about Princess Leia. Apparently, this Rebecca person is also a daughter of the Sith Lord – or, you know, of an extremely geeky dad.


It’s always nice when your kids wait for you at the airport and greet you as soon as you land. If they make a sign – well, that’s even more heartwarming.

But when the sign is made out of what looks like a giant roll of toilet paper, and when it carries an ominous message like “Only We Would Do This”… well. That may be cause for concern.

Not to mention, this sign has definitely not been proofread.




Take a moment – do you see any words repeating themselves? You’ll see it when you see it.


“Tom, Will U Marry Me?”

Is this a romantic gesture – or just a friend trying to embarrass Tom in a very public space?

Going by the way the sign holder is dressed – shorts, flip flops and a grey t-shirt, we’re going to assume the latter. We mean, if this was a real marriage proposal, we’d expect him to dress up a bit more, right?






You know, it’s not just families and friends that hold up signs at airports. It’s also drivers sent out to pick guests up. And that situation of scanning the crowd, looking for a sign carrying your name, held by a stranger, can be pretty intense.

So this guy, who has come to the airport with a play on that, probably made quite a few people smile.



We do hope he was really there to pick up someone he knew and wasn’t actually trying to pick girls up straight after a flight, though!



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