George Thorogood-Bad- to -the- Bone-T2

George Thorogood-Bad to the Bone(T2)

George Thorogood & The Destroyers
Album: Bad to the Bone
Recorded: 1981
Released: September 17, 1982
Writer:  George Thorogood
Producer(s)  The Delaware Destroyers


The song has been used in filmmaking and television productions when a “bad guy” needs to be introduced or identified.   The song was for instance used in the bar scene in Terminator 2: Judgment Day where the Terminator first is shown in his full leather outfit.   “Bad to the Bone” can also be heard in the remake of The Parent Trap in the poker scene, as well as a few trailers, the opening credits toMajor Payne, in the first scene and during the closing credits of Stephen King‘s  Christine, as well as multiple episodes of the sitcom  Married… with Children, usually preceded or followed by Al Bundy‘s battle cry “Let’s Rock”. In the Super Nintendo game Rock ‘n Roll Racing, and in the film Talk Radio as the song that starts off the talk show. The song also served as the main theme to Problem Child. The song also appears in the movie Joe Dirt, albeit for a few seconds before winding down to a stop.