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Kiss-Black Diamond

“Black Diamond” is a Kiss song written by the band’s rhythm guitarist Paul Stanley.
The song appears as the closing track on the band’s eponymous first album, Kiss, released in 1974. It begins with an acoustic opening sung by Stanley before entering in furious riff with Peter Criss in lead vocals and fading out with Ace Frehley’s solo, in a sort of studio trick. The song is also characterized by its noticeable use of chorus, and its ending. The taped studio version was slowed down almost to a standstill. The live version is usually sped up in tempo, combined with stage pyrotechnics and a rising drum platform.
The band would often play “Black Diamond” to close their concerts. Even after Criss left the band the song was still performed in concerts, featuring his replacements Eric Carr and Eric Singer on lead vocals during their respective tenures with the band.