Hennessy- glazed- wings


Hennessy glazed wings


Clean and season chicken like you normally would. Put seasoned flour in a bowl with a table spoon of cornstarch (do not skip the cornstarch step , season flour with whatever you  like). Get a spoon and mix it  all up.

In a separate bowl you gone put your wet stuff . 2 eggs. I can of Club soda (do not skip this step). Stir it up. Put about a cup of your seasoned flour in the wet stuff bowl. Stir it up.

Get you a pot and put that  on the stove with low heat. Add 1/2 stick of butter or however much you and you like. Chuck you a lil fresh garlic off in the pot with with butter. Stir that  up. After it’s melted add Henny (we don’t measure round here, we just do what feel right). Add light brown sugar (again we don’t measure round here), mustard, honey, a little salt and a pinch of corn starch. Let that simmer for about 20 min. Stir it as often as you remember.

Get your CLEAN seasoned chicken. FIRST dip the chicken in the DRY flour. Second dip it in the wet stuff. Third dip it again in the dry flour. Fry that  up for 8-9 mins med high heat

Put your chicken in a bowl and drizzle that Henny glaze over top. Cover your bowl and shake it like a salt shaker.